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Those Gazing Eyes - Brass Band

Those Gazing Eyes - Brass Band

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Those gazing eyes is a programmatic work: We see a child staring into the distance, we slowly step into his fantasy. An oriental dance with virtuoso solos alternates with a daydream theme. From this fantasy we are transported to a musing parent. Who, at first, is concerned about his son's future. Fragments of sighing and sorrow lead to a solemn declaration of hope. Back at the staring child, we see him slowly sinking into a daydream where the main theme can be heard in full. However, as an outsider, we will never know the meaning of these dreams. That's why it's back to reality for us.

Those Gazing Eyes was a finalist in the 2016 Cory Composition Prize.

Grade: 5
Duration: 6:00


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