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The Unknown - Brass Band

The Unknown - Brass Band

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Pioneers are people who enter unknown territory in search of new places to live. But nowadays, anyone who ventures into unknown territory is seen as a pioneer.

In The Unknown, we follow a pioneer in his journey in search of the unknown. In the beginning (Outset) there is a tension that bubbles up and develops. Fragments of an unknown melody emerge from the misty sung opening part.

This tension results in the lion's share of the journey (Explore). The pioneer investigates and now finds himself in unknown territory, but ploughs on. But like any quest, the journey is accompanied by setbacks (Setbacks).

After the adversity has relaxed, memories emerge (Memories) of what it was like before the pioneer started this journey. Life was simpler. But these memories are also coloured by the experiences of the trip.

It is time to persevere and investigate further (Persevering). Through various wanderings we eventually arrive at the end goal, the discovery of something new (Discovery). And the pioneer discovers that he has always been close to the discovery.

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