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Sound of the Middle Sea

Sound of the Middle Sea

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Sound of the Middle Sea was written for the closing concert of “Lûd fan de Middelsee”. The work consists of 10 parts (Origin, Episode 1, Terra, Episode 2, Aqua, Episode 3, Aer, Episode 4, Ignis and Quintessence). Origin is about the origin of the Middelsee and introduces the elements. Terra (earth) is a slow dance that represents hard work and the growth of the land. Aqua (water) reflects the commercial spirit of the people around the Middelsee. Aer (air) is a slow movement about contemplation and rationality. Ignis (fire) represents devastation. Quintessence is the finale in which a fifth element emerges from the four other elements. The episode form the links between the different parts and are improvised. During this episode the story of the Middelsee is told.

The work is written for a concert band, fanfare orchestra, brass band, drum corps and flex orchestra. Parts of this work can be performed separately. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Instrumentation: concert band, fanfare band, brass band, a flexible ensemble, drum band and bagpipe ensemble.

After purchase I will contact you about the score and parts to be delivered.

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