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Mourned from Afar - Brass Band, Soprano & Baritone

Mourned from Afar - Brass Band, Soprano & Baritone

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Mourned from Afar is a work for brass band, soprano and baritone. It is intended as a requiem for the times we are going through in the pandemic that started in 2020. In addition, it is a personal testament to the emotions and struggles that the composer himself went through during this time.

The text was written by Monique Bronkhorst and used in the work in three languages. At the moment there is only the Swiss version with solos in German, French and Italian and brass band accompaniment. This version will be premiered September 2022 by the Swiss Army Brass Band conducted by Philipp Werlen. In addition, there is the option for a version with one language.

The work consists of the following parts:

  • Prologue: an opening for brass band,
  • Healthcare Heroes: solo for soprano,
  • Transition 1: intermezzo for brass band,
  • Loneliness: solo for baritone,
  • Transition 2: intermezzo for brass band,
  • Earth: duet for soprano and baritone,
  • Transition 3: intermezzo for brass band,
  • Lament: solo for soprano,
  • Transition 4: intermezzo for brass band,
  • Solidarity: solo for baritone,
  • Transition 5: intermezzo for brass band,
  • What if: duet for soprano and baritone,
  • Epilogue: finale for brass band.

The transitions form the connecting element between the different sung parts.

The title refers to part of the text: “weep from a distance, loved, missed” from the Lament.

Grade: 6
Duration: 38:00

Mourned from Afar is available from September 2023. This work is offered on a license basis, the first performance costs 250, - additional performances cost 100, - per performance.


demo score


Healthcare Heroes

For cool hands on feverish heads
watchful eyes on monitors
plastic wrapped compassion
now give them a blissful pause

For those who fought bravely for our freedom
Save us from further suffering
For those who died in battle
That now they may lay down their weary heads

What if

What if sorrow has no beginning and no end,
we must miss fathers and mothers and brothers,
only the homeless roam the streets
And fear rules our daily lives

What if caregivers need to be cared for themselves,
Social intercourse becomes a verb,
The music in cafes is permanently silenced
Then let us encourage and comfort each other


For them in eternal retreat
Fatally wounded in their isolation
Endless hours ahead
mere fear as a gloomy roommate

Consolation offered by covered faces
lovers shrunk to tablet form
offers them eternal embrace
a loving rocking to infinity


Respite the tipsy earth
She takes a deep breath and out of her motherly strength
new green arises between charred remains
oxygen for our body and mind

Oh, let us see the light and repent
when cars drive again, planes fly again
life resumes its normal course
then let us take care of this victim.


For those who drowned breathless
Their flame prematurely and forever extinguished
Long mourned, loved, missed
Let's never forget them

For those who went down fighting
Risked their lives for ours
Reward their courage and bravery
And grant them a place in paradise


Connected in strict seclusion
Suddenly we saw the other standing
How much more bearable our distress became
Now that we could relieve other suffering

Applause sounds better than a single clap
Stemming tears turns out to be a trifle
Together we unleash unsuspected powers
Let us cherish an everlasting warmth in our hearts.

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