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Grutte Pier - Brass Band

Grutte Pier - Brass Band

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Grutte Pier - The Legend of Big Pier is a concert piece about the Frisian hero Grutte Pier. He was a farmer who tragically lost his family in a dispute he didn't want to be involved in, in the first place. After this tragedy, he took his sword (a very big one) and raised an army (the black army of Arum). He then also attacked Dutch ships in the Zuiderzee. From a Frisian perspective he was a hero, from another perspective he could be a pirate.

The piece consists of six parts.

  • Tragedy at Kimswerd
  • Pick up the Sword
  • The Arumer Zwarte Hoop
  • Lament
  • Is he a Pirate?
  • The Legend
This work will be available after the premiere on September 16, 2023
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