Een muzikale zomer en een wijze les

A musical summer and a wise lesson

We are in the middle of summer. I hope you enjoy the peace, or if you are working, at least enjoy the beautiful weather. In any case, after this newsletter I will really enjoy the beautiful weather, because I am ready for that more than ever. Why? You can read that below!

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A wise lesson at the Summer Orchestra

What started as a very nice challenge ended for me unfortunately is a return ticket to Friesland. Last year I was allowed to conduct the Summer Orchestra Netherlands and as is tradition, I was allowed to do that again this year. A very nice experience with great musicians in a large harmony orchestra.

The fellow conductor was chosen, Thom Roossen. The repertoire was complete. The soaping day was intense one day after the Dutch Open. I had to miss the study weekend because of complaints. In that sense, after a busy season, I already received signals that it might have been a bit too busy.

I may not always have heard those signals well enough. But a little rest and the idea that I just need to enjoy things more made me decide to take on the challenge. But after 2 days of rehearsing, without stress or other things, it became too much. I had to miss out. The body said it was enough. Fortunately, we were prepared for a situation like this, so a replacement in the person of Paul van Gils was immediately ready.

Now a lesson richer and an experience richer and unfortunately a disappointment, we move on and I look forward to new things. But I also learn a lesson and realize that I too cannot work indefinitely and invest time in everything I do. This means that I will certainly continue with everything I do, but also introduce more structure and accept that not everything is ready at once.

The first Hybrid version

In the previous newsletter I told about the piece Hybrid that I was allowed to write for Gerbrich. Last June it was time for the premiere. In the small hall of the Oosterpoort/SPOT she played a great program with Hybrid as the opening. Below you will find the recording of this performance.

The effect of the track in this room was great. It was a kind of trance/house experience with euphonium. In the studio the accompaniment just sounded normal, okay. But in a large hall the effect was quite overwhelming.

Hybrid is also available via the webshop, for 20 euros you get the score, the solo part and the accompanying track in mp3 or wav file. After your order you will find it directly in your mailbox and you can get started with the piece.

The premiere of my Cantata Symphony

The time has finally come, Mourned from Afar will premiere at the end of this month. From Thursday, September 1 to Saturday, September 3, the Swiss Army Brass Band, conducted by Philipp Werlen, will play the piece at three different locations in Switzerland. But before this tour goes wild, the band will record for two days.

In Basel we will record the work together with soloists Franziska Heinzen (soprano) and Michael Ronan (baritone). I can then share this recording under my own label. That means after these recordings the work will appear on my Spotify account.

The tour passes three locations in Switzerland, namely: Appenzell, Neuchâtel and Lucerne. I'm still logistically looking at where I can be there, but of course I won't pass up this opportunity to visit these beautiful cities. Keep an eye on my Instagram or my Facebook page to take a look behind the scenes of this tour!

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