Composition coaching

Geert Jan Kroon Are you a composer, musician, conductor and do you have questions about the composition profession? How do I finish a piece? How do I start a piece? Or maybe you have questions about how to make your work look good or how you are going to sell yourself in the publishing world now.

I struggled with all these questions and sometimes still struggle with them. But for many of these questions I now have an action plan. The steps you can take to progress in composing.

I have been working as a composer for ten years now and have made works for 1 or 2 musicians to an hour long show for 750 musicians and have become familiar with the publishing landscape as a publisher, something I now do myself. And I also learned to run a company with all the facets that entails. With that experience in my pocket I think I can help you as a composer/teacher/musician/conductor with the problems you encounter in your composing career.

Conductors, musicians and aspiring composers approach me more often to help them and because of the lessons I have given them, I am sure that I can also help you on your way to the next step.

Take action and make an appointment for a first conversation , so that you don't keep swimming and can take the first step towards your first composition or the next step in your career as a composer.

If you want to immediately record several coaching sessions, you can do so via the following options:

1 session
3 sessions (one hour free)

5 sessions (one session free)