Rise and the move to Shopify

It had to happen! The website and webshop are integrated and I switched to a Shopify store. That means: buying pieces safely for you and less work for me. A number of new works have also appeared, including Rise .

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Rise Online

This month I put a new concert work online. The idea behind the piece was a constant pulse and edifying elements to portray the resurrection after (or during, you don't know yet) the pandemic.

I created the shape by applying a certain formula to the piece. Namely the golden ratio. In this case I divided the piece. A:B = AB:A or the ratio between A and B is the same as the ratio between AB and A. So I divided the piece into two parts and inside I did the same. Until I had some parts, which I then filled in with my ideas.

GJK Music (Geert Jan Kroon) · Rise - Concert Band

Sogno di Volare

Two years ago we were in the middle of the pandemic. For an opportunity to try something different like this nine-part version of Sogno di Volare. Four bugles and 5 euphoniums. That's how my friend Ray and I played together over long distances. He in his living room in Scotland, me in the studio.

Why go to Shopify

In recent times I have also merged my website and webshop into a whole. So that I no longer have to enter all the documents twice and keep the webshop a bit safe myself. I've now switched to Shopify, which means it's safer for my customers to order pieces and everything is taken care of for me.

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