Inconvenient choices

Today (Monday 18 October) I started the day running, yes seriously I am running with Evy. And when I do, I listen to informative podcasts. One such podcast is the six figure creative podcast .

This episode was about tough choices. ( Listen here ) Sometimes you have to make the very choice that terrifies you. If a choice frightens you, maybe that's the step you need. Consistently make uncomfortable choices to get yourself moving, says guest Scotty Russell.

I can imagine that it is precisely the things that you find uncomfortable that take you further than just taking the safe route. Although, inconsiderate, but doing something is probably not the intention either.

Sometimes I have plans that I don't follow through because I'm afraid they won't work out, end up wrong or fail in some other way. But sometimes you need a failure to get back on the next path.

In the future I will think hard about the things that scare me and maybe continue more often and try. You too?

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