3 basic tips for formatting your music

Format your own music

Perhaps you have written music yourself or written an exercise, or even made an arrangement. Often you redo a lot of work or don't think about how you format it. Or are you going to try to make it neat afterwards. I want to help you format your music.

In this video I give you 3 basic tips for formatting your music. Tips to prepare your music in such a way that you can deliver neat sheet music super quickly. Regardless of which program you use: Finale, Sibelius , Dorico or Musescore.

This video is basic and gives you a basis to get started. Do you want to know more and go more in-depth? Contact us and we will arrange a workshop or session.

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1. Create a layout

Completely prepare a file with the right fonts and the right formats, distances, etc. Think about settings that you normally do every time and fix them. Make sure you can get to work right away and that everything looks great while you work.

Check out the video for an example of my layout.

2. Different occupations

Of course you don't write for one occupation. But for several, make a template for each. Do you have a youth orchestra, a group, an ensemble with different instruments or, like me, a fanfare where not all voices are occupied? Put that specific lineup in your pre-formatted file and save it as a new template. Every time you make something you start with a well formatted score.

Watch the video for examples and more tips.

3. Store your music in a convenient way

To make sure you have everything at hand and don't have to search your PC if you ever need something again. Create a handy folder structure, in which you separate the various parts.

In the video you can see how I approached this.

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