10:00-15:00 Brass Band Grade 4

The Final Frontier

In The Final Frontier, the composer explores different associations with the universe. Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s (1942-2018) book Brief Answers to the Big Questions, the piece describes the wonders and dangers of the universe, the big questions about the smallest elements, and the possibility of space travel.

The work consists of four movements. The first movement, ‘Energy and Space’, is the exposition of both main materials. With energy and space, a universe can be created. The second movement, ‘The Great Unknown’, is a fast section in which the materials are further explored and depicts the dangers of the universe, like supernovae and black holes. The third movement, ‘The Big Questions’, is a slow movement with different soloists and music of a reflective nature. Imagine how in the tiniest elements whole dimensions could be rolled up. Also, a Dutch pioneer in cosmology is hidden in the notes. The fourth movement, ‘The Final Frontier’, is a big buildup to a majestic finale, portraying the excitement of space travel.

The Final Frontier is the set test piece for the 3rd section of the Dutch national brass band championships 2020. Delivery starts May 1st.

Concert Band
Fanfare Band
Brass Band


1 (3rd beat)Euph.tenuto (as S. Hn.)
38 & 55R. Cnt., 2nd Cnt. 3rd Cnt.simile
63S.Hn, 1st Hn., 2nd Hn., 1st Tbn., 2nd Tbn., Bs. Tbn., Eb Bs. Bb Bs.simile
127Fl. Hn.staccato
130S.Hn., 1st Hn., 2nd Hn., 1st Bari., 2nd Bari.accent on 1st en 4th quaver/eight (not on 1st, 3rd and 5th)
138R. Cnt, 2nd Cnt., 3rd Cnt.accent on 1st en 4th quaver/eight (not on 1st, 3rd and 5th)
147-148Sop. Cnt.f<ff
148 & 150 & 155Bs. Tbn.accent
188R. Cnt. f>
201S. Cnt. 1&2both
210S. Cnt. 1&2mf