Here you can find all my compositions for orchestra, brass band, fanfare band, concert band, choir and other types of ensembles. Click on the to see a score. To order, click on to put the item in your shopping cart, you will be directed to my webshop. If there is a I have the intention to prepare that piece for that instrumentation. Just contact me if you are interested. Or subscribe to the newsletter/catalogue to get the latest info.

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Running projects

These are my current projects. Some are commissions, but there are also pieces I want to write. If you want more information or are looking for a premiere? Contact me!

PHunk2 Euph. & Track68:00
RequiemBB & Soprano, Bass40:00
Euph. & String Quartet
Those Gazing EyesFB56:00
[Rise]FB, Orch.

New in 2021

Here you find my latest pieces. Contact me to try one of these pieces and give the premiere!

Legend of the Bleeding Eyeball and the Blind WerewolfBB614:30
Red Prince OuvertureBB64:00
Saint Lambert*CB39:30
Sing Praise*BB43:30
Two TidesVln. & vlc.6:45
* = to be premiered


These pieces are my published pieces.

A Tallis AnthemCB FB BB35:00
Acoustic SketchBB45:00
As Night FallsBB45:30
Carols of OldCB FB BB46:00
Dante’s DescentBB615:30
Dutch MedleyFB35:30
Eilean Nan GobharCB FB BB TP45:00
EpitaphCB FB BB35:30
Express to MurderBB64:00
Fanfare de AngelisFB BB45:30
From the SeaCB FB BB38:20
La FolliaFB BB55:00
Mountain King SwingFB BB33:45
Movie TimeFLEX225:00
Old Dutch AnthemsFB2,52:00
One Night, One TaleFB BB3/67:15
Red PrinceCB FB618:00
River Town SketchesFB49:15
Saint LambertFB BB39:30
Sic Parvis MagnaCB FB44:45
Sleep Well 😈BB64:20
Soaring the SkyFB BB33:00
Sonate for Tenor QuartetENS67:30
Sound of the Middle SeaCB FB BB FLEX45:00
Spinning GearsBB5/68:30
The CrowsFB34:00
The Final FrontierBB412:00
The Month of MayingFB BB32:00
The Water is WideBB2,53:00
Those Gazing EyesBB56:00
Wider than the SkySATB6:00
Where Words FailFB BB44:30
CB = Concert Band
FB = Fanfare Band
BB = Brass Band
TP = Ten Piece Brass Ensemble
ENS = Ensemble
FLEX = Flexible ensemble
ORCH = Orchestra