Here you can find all my compositions for orchestra, brass band, fanfare band, concert band, choir and other types of ensembles. Click on the to see a score. To order, click on to put the item in the your shopping cart, you will be directed to my webshop. If there is an I have the intention to prepare that piece for that instrumentation. Just contact me if you are interested.

Running projects

These are my current projects. Some are commissions, but there are also pieces I want to write. If you want more information or are looking for a premiere? Contact me!

PHunk2 Euph. & Track68:00
RequiemBB & Soprano, Bass40:00
Euph. & String Quartet
Those Gazing EyesFB56:00
[Rise]FB, Orch.

New in 2021

Here you find my latest pieces. Contact me to try one of these pieces and give the premiere!

Legend of the Bleeding Eyeball and the Blind WerewolfBB614:30
Red Prince OuvertureBB64:00
Saint Lambert*CB39:30
Sing Praise*BB43:30
Two TidesVln. & vlc.6:45
* = to be premiered


These pieces are my published pieces. They can be purchased through Tower Editions, Sonolize and my own webshop.

A Tallis AnthemCB FB BB35:00
Acoustic SketchBB45:00
As Night FallsBB45:30
Carols of OldCB FB BB46:00
Dante’s DescentBB615:30
Dutch MedleyFB35:30
Eilean Nan GobharCB FB BB TP45:00
EpitaphCB FB BB35:30
Express to MurderBB64:00
Fanfare de AngelisFB BB45:30
From the SeaCB FB BB38:20
La FolliaFB BB55:00
Mountain King SwingFB BB33:45
Movie TimeFLEX225:00
Old Dutch AnthemsFB2,52:00
One Night, One TaleFB BB3/67:15
Red PrinceCB FB618:00
River Town SketchesFB49:15
Saint LambertFB BB39:30
Sic Parvis MagnaCB FB44:45
Sleep Well 😈BB64:20
Soaring the SkyFB BB33:00
Sonate for Tenor QuartetENS67:30
Sound of the Middle SeaCB FB BB FLEX45:00
Spinning GearsBB5/68:30
The CrowsFB34:00
The Final FrontierBB412:00
The Month of MayingFB BB32:00
The Water is WideBB2,53:00
Those Gazing EyesBB56:00
Wider than the SkySATB6:00
Where Words FailFB BB44:30
CB = Concert Band
FB = Fanfare Band
BB = Brass Band
TP = Ten Piece Brass Ensemble
ENS = Ensemble
FLEX = Flexible ensemble
ORCH = Orchestra