Brass Band Solos


Romanze is an arrangement for violin and brass band of Romanze by Johann Svendsen.

Brass Band Solos


Canzonetta is an arrangement for violin and brass band of the slow section from Violin Concerto Op. 35 by Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Grade 5 Solos

Spinning Gears

Spinning Gears is a solo piece for euphonium and brass band. The piece describes a lonely cyclist emerging from the fog and surrendering to a steep climb. The fight the cyclist has to have with himself starts and leads to a final explosion of power to get to the top. There his thoughts wander and he start reminiscing about the past while looking at the vast view. The trip continues with a descent leading to high speeds and acrobatics. The last sprint to an imaginary finish brings the cyclist victory: winning the battle against himself.

Spinning Gears was recorded by Robbert Vos on his album VOX.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Fanfare Band Grade 3 Solos

One Night, One Tale

One Night, One Tale is a solo for horn and band. Scheherazade is the storyteller in the stories from One Thousand and One Nights. To escape death by the sultan, who beheads all his brides, so they won’t be unfaithful, she tells a story every night and stops in the middle. Every night the sultan is curious and spares her. This way Scheherazade stays alive until the sultan is cured of his madness. They lived happily ever after.

“Atmosperic and challenging, it is an asset in the repertoire for horn and fanfare band!”

Fokke van Heel (Principal Horn NedPho)
< 5:00 Brass Band Fanfare Band Grade 3 Solos

Mountain King Swing

Mountain King Swing is a swinging solo based on Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King from the Peer Gynt Suite No. 1. This arrangement is easy to play for band and playable for an intermediate soloist on baritone saxophone or bass trombone. The solo parts differ musically to suit the characteristics of the instrument.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Grade 4 Solos

As Night Falls

As Night Falls is a solo for cornet. As the day comes to an end and the mind starts relaxing, the creative minds start working. Though upon though enter the mind and must be caught. Great ideas have sprung from these late endeavours. The excitement builds as this seed of creativity has been planted. This work is dedicated to all night owls.