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Sound of the Middle Sea

Sound of the Middle Sea was written for the evening concert of “Lûd fan de Middelsee”. The work is divided into ten sections (Origin, Episode 1, Terra, Episode 2, Aqua, Episode 3, Aer, Episode 4, Ignis and Quintessence). Origin depicts the origins of the Middle Sea and introduces the elements. Terra (Earth) is a pesante dance movement, depicting hard labour and the growth of the land. Aqua (Water) depicts the trade spirit of the people living near the Middle See. Aer (Air) is a slow movement about contemplation and rationality. Ignis (Fire) depicts devastation. Quintessence is the final where the fifth element is made up of all the other elements. The Episodes link the elements together and are improvised, during the episodes a speaker will tell the story of the Sound of the Middle Sea.

Parts of this ‘suite’ can be performed, please contact me if you have any questions about this piece and/or performing it.

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Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna (Thus from small beginnings, great things come) is the motto of the explorer and sea captain Sir Francis Drake. Although his life is not undisputed, his development from 13-year-old deck cleaner to vice-admiral of the English fleet is an inspiration. Drake sailed around the world three times, the first time as a 23-year-old pirate with his cousin John Hawkins.

The heroic Maestoso sections portray the high spirits of a journey over the sea. Although there is always the outlook of danger, and memories of home and loved ones.

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Red Prince

Red Prince is an imaginary tale about a red-haired boy that embarks on a big adventure. After the introduction, the confident little hero finds himself in the midst of all the action. What follows is a quest where the boy is filled with doubt and questions. Although in the end, he finds what he is looking for. In conclusion, he continues his adventure with a renewed determination, boldness and confidence.

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From the Sea

From the Sea is a work in three sections based on land reclamation. The first section (The New Land) expresses feelings of expectation and excitement that come with the new land. The second section (The Old Sea) is a nostalgic retrospect to the (old) sea. A sea that was sometimes turbulent, but also a source of life. In the third section (The Future Land) captures the joy of life on the new land to the present day.

The work was written for the combined music ensembles of the Noordoostpolder.

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Epitaph is a slow work in memory of lost family members. Feelings of anger, grief and acceptance are part of the process of losing someone. However, fond memories and joyous moments can also be part of the final goodbye.

The final moment of rest is signified by the hymn tune Deep Harmony.

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Eilean Nan Gobhar

Eilean nan Gobhar was commissioned by the Symposium Symphony of Soils. “Our soil is not doing well, which has a major impact on our food security, climate and health.” The answer is living agriculture, without artificial fertilizers and chemicals! “

The unspoiled Scottish landscape and the view of Eilean nan Gobhar or Goat Island was the inspiration for this work. The island is the gateway to Loch Ailort and is a beautiful sight from Roshven.


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Carols of Old

Carols of Old is a fantasy on two Christmas carols: Lo, how a Rose and the Coventry Carol. Both carols seem to originate in the sixteenth century, hence the title. The carols are exposed in their original form as well as transformed in a rhapsodic manner. The work can be performed with or without a choir.

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A Tallis Anthem

A Tallis Anthem is based on If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis (1505-1585). He was one of the first who set English words to the Rites of the Church of England. If Ye Love Me is a classic example of the new English anthems: mainly homophonic, but with brief moments of imitation.

The opening is a triumphant version of the first homophonic phrases of the song, interrupted by a calm melody build with material from a motive from the original. The anthem is played by a quartet placed in front of the band or off stage for effect.  This is followed by a more modern anthem leading to a triumphant finale.

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