05:00-10:00 Ensemble Grade 6 Solos


Phunk is a duet for two euphoniums and track. The goal was to write something crazy for a new album. I am recording and producing this album with a befriended euphonium player. The album itself is a journey in recording, editing, mixing and mastering. With the motto “finished is better than perfect” we are working to complete this album and learn as much as we can!

This piece is a testament to that spirit.

Check us out at Solieuphs or the band we play with Soli Brass Leeuwarden.

< 5:00 Brass Band Grade 6

Red Prince Ouverture

Red Prince Ouverture is an opening piece based on material from Red Prince.

This fast-paced opener is a good way to start your concert. Engage your audience from the first chord and take them on a journey and make them hungry for more music.

Contact me to premiere this piece!

10:00-15:00 Brass Band Grade 6

Legend of the Bleeding Eyeball and the Blind Werewolf

Other than the title, there is no real story that connects this piece to eyeballs or werewolves. There is no real legend that precedes this work. The legend will evolve in the listener’s mind while listening to this piece. For me, it started with the title. It was dreamed up by my son. He also suggested a musical gesture which I then used to build all the musical materials in this piece. I have sought to capture a dark atmosphere with a sense of excitement. Although, there are some not so dark moments in the piece which serve as a musical contrast.

I would like to invite every listener to imagine a world where there exists a legend of a bleeding eyeball and a blind werewolf. And if you do dream up a great story, please let me know and share it with each other!


05:00-10:00 Ensemble Grade 6

Sonate for Tenor Quartet

SONATE was written for the euphoniums and baritones of Brass Band Pro Rege Heerenveen. It utilizes the capabilities of the instruments in a not so familiar idiom.

< 5:00 Brass Band Grade 6


SHARDS! was commissioned by Brass Band Pro Rege Heerenveen as their opening work at the WMC World Brass Band Championships 2017.

A shard of glass has a hard surface that reflects light. It also refracts light, giving a kaleidoscopic effect, although its edge can also be sharp as a razor. The musical language in this work represents the hard, sharp and kaleidoscopic features of shards of glass.

> 15:00 Concert Band Fanfare Band Grade 6

Red Prince

Red Prince is an imaginary tale about a red-haired boy that embarks on a big adventure. After the introduction, the confident little hero finds himself in the midst of all the action. What follows is a quest where the boy is filled with doubt and questions. Although in the end, he finds what he is looking for. In conclusion, he continues his adventure with a renewed determination, boldness and confidence.

< 5:00 Brass Band Grade 6

Express to Murder

The Oriënt Express rushes through Europe to Constantinople and the unsuspecting travellers enjoy their surroundings and music. But, there is a killer among the passengers and one of them will not make it to the end of the journey.

Express to Murder is a concert work that can not be missed on a themed concert about travel, trains, mysteries and others.

This piece was commissioned for Brass in Concert 2018 by the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band.

> 15:00 Brass Band Grade 6

Dante’s Descent

Dante’s Descent is based on parts of Dante’s novel. It is a musical sketch of the composer’s imagination of the first part: Inferno.

The piece contains six scenes’s in five sections. The first section sets of the story with  “mi ritrovai per una selva oscura”  (“I found myself in a dark wood “) exposing some of the main musical material for the rest of the piece, quickly leading to the entrance of hell, ”Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’intrate” (“Abandon all hope, you who enter here “). The second section,  “In la palude va c’ha nome Stige” (“A marsh it makes, which has the name of Styx “), is a quirky waltz featuring solo’s in the cornet, trombone, E flat Bass and flugelhorn. The mood gets more uneasy in the third section “Omai, figliuolo, s’appressa la città c’ha nome Dite “ (“My son, the city that bears the name of Dis is drawing near”). The ostinato motives portray the constant recurring terrors inside the city of hell. The ninth circle of hell is a very cold place portrayed in the fourth section “mettine giù, e non ten vegna schifo, dove Cocito la freddura serra.” (“do set us down below, where cold shuts in, Cocytus and do not disdain that task.“) A few damned souls get a voice in solos for trombone and cornet, all leading to the final cadenza where the three-headed Lucifer is portrayed by the trombone section. After climbing Lucifer we find ourselves on our way out of hell in the fifth section “E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle” (“and thence we came forth to see again the stars”), where memories of the journey still linger but eventually get conquered.