10:00-15:00 Brass Band Grade 4

The Final Frontier

In The Final Frontier, the composer explores different associations with the universe. Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s (1942-2018) book Brief Answers to the Big Questions, the piece describes the wonders and dangers of the universe, the big questions about the smallest elements, and the possibility of space travel.

The work consists of four movements. The first movement, ‘Energy and Space’, is the exposition of both main materials. With energy and space, a universe can be created. The second movement, ‘The Great Unknown’, is a fast section in which the materials are further explored and depicts the dangers of the universe, like supernovae and black holes. The third movement, ‘The Big Questions’, is a slow movement with different soloists and music of a reflective nature. Imagine how in the tiniest elements whole dimensions could be rolled up. Also, a Dutch pioneer in cosmology is hidden in the notes. The fourth movement, ‘The Final Frontier’, is a big buildup to a majestic finale, portraying the excitement of space travel.

The Final Frontier is the set test piece for the 3rd section of the Dutch national brass band championships 2020. Delivery starts May 1st.


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Where Words Fail

A well-known statement by Hans Christiaan Andersen is: “Where words fail, music speaks.” In Where Words Fail, the composer also lets the music speak about things he could not find the words for.

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Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna (Thus from small beginnings, great things come) is the motto of the explorer and sea captain Sir Francis Drake. Although his life is not undisputed, his development from 13-year-old deck cleaner to vice-admiral of the English fleet is an inspiration. Drake sailed around the world three times, the first time as a 23-year-old pirate with his cousin John Hawkins.

The heroic Maestoso sections portray the high spirits of a journey over the sea. Although there is always the outlook of danger, and memories of home and loved ones.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Fanfare Band Grade 4

Fanfare de Angelis

Fanfare de Angelis is a concert opener for brass band. The fanfare theme, as well as the choral theme, are based on the first four notes of the Kyrië from the Missa de Angelis (F-A-Bb-C). The mass itself is intended for feasts and commonly used in the Christmas mass. Therefore, next to being a great opener for your concerts, it can also be used during Christmas.

The piece starts with a fanfare opening that develops to a big climax after which the theme is exposed. The theme is presented by the flugelhorn, tenor horn and euphonium and taken up by the back row cornet section, giving them a chance to shine. The piece ends with a recapitulation of the fanfare juxtaposed with the choral theme.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Concert Band Fanfare Band Grade 4 Ten Piece Brass Ensemble

Eilean Nan Gobhar

Eilean nan Gobhar was commissioned by the Symposium Symphony of Soils. “Our soil is not doing well, which has a major impact on our food security, climate and health.” The answer is living agriculture, without artificial fertilizers and chemicals! “

The unspoiled Scottish landscape and the view of Eilean nan Gobhar or Goat Island was the inspiration for this work. The island is the gateway to Loch Ailort and is a beautiful sight from Roshven.


05:00-10:00 Brass Band Concert Band Fanfare Band Grade 4

Carols of Old

Carols of Old is a fantasy on two Christmas carols: Lo, how a Rose and the Coventry Carol. Both carols seem to originate in the sixteenth century, hence the title. The carols are exposed in their original form as well as transformed in a rhapsodic manner. The work can be performed with or without a choir.

05:00-10:00 Brass Band Grade 4 Solos

As Night Falls

As Night Falls is a solo for cornet. As the day comes to an end and the mind starts relaxing, the creative minds start working. Though upon though enter the mind and must be caught. Great ideas have sprung from these late endeavours. The excitement builds as this seed of creativity has been planted. This work is dedicated to all night owls.