Geert Jan Kroon (1981) is a motivator, inspirator and creative scatterbrain that wants to switch on people and give the spark of music.

With a background in musicology, Geert Jan started conducting and composing. First from a need to create, however, gradually to inspire people and strengthen them. Touched by the ideas of Itay Talgam and Benjamin Zander in his work as conductor, composer, adjudicator, teacher, speaker and music journalist, he looks for ways to let musicians tell their own stories and to let the audience experience something greater than themselves.

In projects such as Sound of the Middle Sea, he brings large groups of musicians together in one purpose and gives the audience a wonderful experience through his emotionally resonating music. Another success is the transformation of a worn-out youth band in two months into a winning team through inspiration and self-confidence.

Geert Jan’s goal is ultimately to really engage the people around him. Or as Zander puts it: success is measured by how many shining eyes you have around you.