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Marketing! That doesn't sound like something you want to do as a composer. After all, you make art! At the same time, it is nice that your music is being bought and played. Time for a fresh look. Marketing is actually nothing more than telling effective stories about your works. And all composers can do that.

In a one-morning workshop you will learn to tell your story about your music to your followers, customers or anyone else in different ways.

Pieces don't sell themselves (unless you're a much-played composer), but there are several strategies you can use to sell more effectively. Successful composers such as Johan de Meij and Kevin Houben use social media and content marketing to their advantage. And that doesn't have to be as much work as you think. In addition, we will discuss the marketing tool of 2022 , the email list.

Geert Jan Kroon is a composer, publisher and trained as a Music and Marketing professional at the University of Groningen. In this workshop he takes you into the world of layout and marketing.

After this workshop you will also know how to:

  • tell your story effectively to your audience;
  • create content about your new piece in no time;
  • choose a social media platform that suits you best;
  • use email to build your own tribe.

Don't miss this unique workshop and register directly for our workshop: from writing to being played!

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