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Legend (Score) - Brass Band

Legend (Score) - Brass Band

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Other than the title, there is no existing story that connects this work to eyeballs and werewolves. There is no legend preceding this work. The legend will have to arise in the head of the listener, listening to this work. For me, this piece started with the title. It was made up by my son. He also provided me with a musical gesture, which I used to build all the musical material in this piece. I have tried to paint a dark atmosphere with a certain excitement. But the work also contains not so dark moments that serve as a musical contrast.

I would like to invite every listener to imagine a world in which there is a legend of a bleeding eyeball and a blind werewolf. And if you come up with a great story, let me know and share it with each other!

Grade: 6
Duration: 14:30


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