Spinning Gears

Spinning Gears is a solo piece for euphonium and brass band. The piece describes a lonely cyclist emerging from the fog and surrendering to a steep climb. The fight the cyclist has to have with himself starts and leads to a final explosion of power to get to the top. There his thoughts wander and starts reminiscing about the past while looking at the vast view. The trip continues with a descent leading to high speeds and acrobatics. A last sprint to an imaginary finish brings the cyclist victory: winning the battle against himself.

“Spinning Gears is a pleasure to practise and highlights the qualities of the instrument. It features soft slow passages, but also technical highlights. The piece will fit perfectly in a concertprogram and is playable for a lot of euphoniumplayers.”

Glenn Van Looy (Geneva Euphonium Artist)

Here is a midi version of the piece: