composerGeert Jan is active as a composer since 2014. He focusses mainly on music for brass, fanfare and concert band. He studies with Wilbert Bulsink at the ArtEZ Zwolle. He also participated in wotkshops with Oliver Waespi, Philip Sparke en Edward Gregson. His music is published trough Tower Editions.


“Each [work] is underpinned by a connection to original ideas and themes – ones that are not tossed away thoughtlessly as the works progress: The linear development of the music is bold and malleable, enabling the listener to understand the what, why and how he has developed the inspiration.”

“It’s the latest work from a musician who has carefully set out his compositional stall; one that retains a clearly defined thought process and structural identity through an engaging individuality of style. It’s music of intriguing clusters of harmony, texture and fluidity that draws the listener in through its layers of tonality.”

“At a time when emerging composers are finding it increasingly difficult to get their voices heard in the brass band world, it’s good to talk to a Dutchman who is determined to gain recognition by linking hard work to a desire not to lose his musical identity.”

“His thrilling and beautifull writing proved to be something of an audience favorite”

Thomas Dunne in Brass Band World, Issue 255, june 2016

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