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Geert Jan Kroon (1981) is a motivator, inspirator and creative scatterbrain that wants to switch on people and give the spark of music.

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Geert Jan is active as a composer since 2014. He focusses mainly on music for brass, fanfare and concert band. He studies with Wilbert Bulsink at ArtEZ Zwolle. He also participated in workshops with Oliver Waespi, Philip Sparke en Edward Gregson. His music is published through Tower Editions.


Learn more about my conducting. Geert Jan is a young conductor who has fun while boosting the level of an ensemble. He looks for a balance between young and old. It should be hard work, however not without moments of relaxation. Conducting means inspiring musicians to get the best out of them despite their level of playing. Whether it’s a concert, contest or rehearsal. Learn more about my conducting.


Geert Jan coaches several young musicians in conducting and composing. Would you like to develop your skills and composer or conductor?

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